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TESTA TERES is not solely for use on park home structures. Thousands of dwellings in the private sector have been transformed by the application of Testa Teres.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) U - Value improvement is now standard with every application via the Testa Teres Insulation system, or our exciting new product Testa Teres Rendaclad.    Testa Teres has been widely used for over a decade as a unique polymer render process in its own right that could be applied to a wide variety of structure substrates.  However the standard polymer render formulation now has added insulative material making it a unique and even more innovative and desirable product  (Click on the link above for more information)

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Testa Teres is a lightweight and extremely flexible material. In application scenarios, due to its chemical structure it can be applied to astonishing thickness and same day multiple coat layering.  This gives an obvious advantage over traditional render types and is a useful advantage in our  inclement weather conditions. Testa Teres can be applied on a continuous year round basis and is only effected by the most extreme  weather. Coupled with the ability to obtain a same day final coat finish Testa Teres is custom adapted for the UK climate.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) The Testa Teres final coat is very flat unlike traditional dash type products.Thus whilst being aesthetically pleasing it also lends itself to fine artwork application without raised surface obstructions. bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Testa Teres can simulate traditional finishes i.e. "Alpine finish" type "blocked Out" render type patterned finishes; many more are unique to the Testa Teres System.

Image 1 shows Traditional 'Stone' type Simulation                          Image 2 shows Problem Substrates

Testa Teres used to simulate traditional render forms.                   Testa Teres can also be used to level out and                                                                                                                   restore vastly uneven surfaces to add new life

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