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PATENT FILING No. 0714717.6

Testa Teres Rendaclad is a brand new innovative polymer render system designed

to improve the u-values (thermal conductivity) of all buildings - whether standard cavity  wall or 'hard to heat' solid wall dwellings. 

This means reduced heat loss, lower fuel bills and less pollution of the atmosphere via carbon dioxide emissions. 

Rendaclad®™ enables you to help yourself whilst helping the planet! 

Work in progress: The property shown below is being treated with Rendaclad®™  The right hand side of the building has been prepared

ready to receive the finish coats.  The left section of the dwelling has already been finished, complete with decorative window features.   

What is it?              

Testa Teres Rendaclad®™ is a uniquely designed 3-coat render system incorporating insulative

material actually within the backing coat. This insulating backing coat is trowel-applied to the walls

in the normal way, then when set, the self-coloured top coat is trowelled on. Whilst still soft to the

touch, the final crushed shell dash coat is applied and pressed into the top coat to give a fine,

virtually maintenance-free finish.

Below: The same building after completed installation of the Rendaclad®™ Insulating Render System
An important point to remember!

Except for park homes which need the Testa Teres Insulation rigid board System - Testa Teres Rendaclad®™  is now applied as standard to all work undertaken.

What does this mean?

It means you get the new insulative Rendaclad®™ system as a matter of

course - at no extra cost!  You will receive the same benefits as with the original Testa

Teres Polymer Render System - but with the added bonus of extra insulation for your home!

The image on the left shows a holiday hotel before it was clad with the Rendaclad®™ system: the image on the

right shows the transformation after application has been completed.


Special Applications

Whilst Rendaclad is now used on all the buildings we render, a specialised application of

Testa Teres Rendaclad concerns the insulation of 'hard to heat' solid wall properties that, having no cavity between the walls, cannot be insulated in the normal way. The Rendaclad system does not deliver the same insulative qualities as the rigid board system, but was designed on the premise that 'some insulation is better than none' - a pertinent point were cost and difficulty of application due to structural annomalies may rule out the thermal board system.  In these instances Rendaclad®™,

applied at an appropriate thickness, can provide a quick and easy solution.

Below left: front elevation prior to application of Rendaclad®™

Below right: same front elevation after application of Rendaclad®™


Above left: gable end prior to application of Rendaclad®™        Above right: shows same gable end after application of Rendaclad®™


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