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1.jpg (692 bytes) Testa Teres Rendascore:

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  Can be applied both externally and internally, in a extensive range of colours and textures.
The majority of shades/tints given on the sample menus of recognised leading paint manufacturers can be reproduced.
The pigments permeate and saturate the polymer render top coat (as apposed to being merely surface applied as a separate laminate) thus avoiding the necessity of maintenance applications.
Put simply, the colour shares the life expectancy of the render

2.jpg (702 bytes)  Rendascore Applications:

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  Rendascore can be applied to the same substrate types as Testa Teres. The colour range available for this product is only limited by pigment suppliers ranges.
All types of finishes are available in this product from custom trowelled designs to traditional render type finishes.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  Applications vary from entertainment complexes to private dwelling properties.

  What finishes are available in Testa Teres Rendascore? Rendascore_Samples.jpg (6288 bytes)

Rendascore colours

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  Rendascore is a highly decorative product with a variety of textured finishes available.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  The product is only limited to the tints/colours unable to be produced by leading paint manufacturers.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  The Testa Teres Rendascore permeate the material to provide strong, long lasting colours.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)   The Testa Teres Rendascore product is a highly desirable product.


Rendascore Bays

      Testa Teres rendascore bays: 

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  Rendascore is highly suitable to areas which require high art detail and new finishes are constantly being developed for this product.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  The rendascore range has been used on many properties and contracts (as below ) to see more images check out the image gallery section of our website.

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