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TESTA TERES AND The Good Practice Case Study:



The new version published by the

Energy Saving Trust  2008                        

A Typical park home treated with Testa Teres



Testa Teres is the subject of  a Good  Practice Case Study  Testa Teres is the subject of  Good  Practice Case Study 389: External Wall Insulation for Mobile Homes originally published by the Building Research Establishment - BRECSU division. The BRE contracted independent energy consultants Rickaby Thompson Ltd. to monitor the Testa Teres system and its performance in terms of energy saving. The subsequent report formed the basis of the Good Practice Case Study which explains in detail the partnership with Wyre Borough Council on their Wyred for Energy Scheme and the benefits of Testa Teres.
bullet.jpg (381 bytes) The study reports fuel cost savings of up to 30%, though in practice client feedback frequently indicates savings on fuel bills of around 50%
bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  In 2008 the Case Study 389 was subsequently reissued by the

Energy Saving Trust.




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