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Choose from the following list for details of other councils in partnership with Testa Teres:

  • Fylde Borough Council     Hinckley & Bosworth    Chester City Council     Powys County Council 

  • Cannock Chase District Council    Chiltern District Council


Wyre Borough Logo The unique TESTA TERES Insulation System is produced by our family business established 1976. Application of our external insulation and decorative render system can result in typical fuel cost savings of up to 50%.  The system also greatly enhances the appearance of Park Homes, giving an immediate impression of a traditional brick or stone-built dwelling with substance and stability. The finish is virtually maintenance free thus avoiding the need for regular painting or re-rendering. A wide range of colours, textures and aggregates are available along with customised artwork including house nameplates, numbers and personal logos. Since 1998 we have been working in partnership with Wyre Borough Council under the ‘Wyred for Energy’ programme which was featured along with TESTA TERES in the April 1999 edition of Park Home and Caravan Magazine. Under this scheme Park Home owners within the Borough of Wyre are able to obtain grants and/or interest free loans to enable them to have the TESTA TERES Insulation System applied to their homes.  This results in significant savings of energy consumption and therefore the environment.  There are around one thousand of these dwellings in the Borough. The team leader for the ground-breaking 'Wyred for Energy’ scheme is Housing Services Manager Stephen Sylvester who can be contacted for details of the scheme at The Civic Center, Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, telephone no: (01253) 89000 on ext. 434.

2.jpg (702 bytes) The BUILDING RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT (BRE) became interested in the scheme and applied to central Government for funding in respect of a Good Practice Case Study project based on the TESTA TERES System. Funds were granted and the BRECSU sector of the BRE commissioned independent energy consultants Rickaby Thompson Ltd. to monitor the TESTA TERES system and its application and prepare a report. This report forms the basis of Good Practice Case Study No. 389 entitled External Wall Insulation for Mobile Homes, which is now available. The Guide is available from the BRE FREE OF CHARGE to interested parties.

Published in the Case Study 389 are the findings analysed from data collected by independent energy consultants Rickaby Thompson Ltd. by installing temperature-monitoring devices in selected park homes. Fuel savings of 30% are reported with an obvious saving on heating bills and corresponding savings on carbon dioxide emissions.. Feedback from satisfied clients frequently reports savings of around 50%.   It is envisaged that the application of TESTA TERES should extend the life of a park home by some thirty years.

GP Clients regularly report that their Park Homes are noticeably ‘cooler in summer and warmer in winter’ and ‘much quieter’ with a marked decrease in sound pollution, and a sense of greater stability and less noise/movement in strong winds.

Several Local Authorities have now set up grant schemes of their own using TESTA TERES,which will hopefully be adopted by Councils nation-wide. TESTA TERES is manufactured from recycled materials and is completely environmentally friendly. It has been awarded a British patent, plus British Board of Agrement Certificates re. durability and should remain maintenance-free for many years.



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