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Councils - We specialise in Park Home insulation refurbishments - Good Practice programme - view our council section and image gallery links


Good Practice Case Study No. 389

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Specialist External Cladding System


             Park Homes           

no-paint decorative finish - superb insulation - significantly reduced fuel bills

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Testa Teres Insulation and Decorative Polymer Render System


virtually maintenance-free and fully WEATHERPROOF



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Welcome to the Testa Teres website. We are specialists in external wall insulation and polymer and fibre reinforced systems.  Testa Teres is a family run firm dedicated to innovation with traditional values. We care about our work and our environment which is why our founders decided to utilise by - products of industry for our product. Hence Testa Teres System 2002 constitutes 90% of recycled materials! 

WHAT IS TESTA TERES ? Testa Teres is an established  polymer - fibre reinforced render system suitable for application on a wide range of surface types. from homes to commercial structures we cater for all your rendering and insulation needs.Testa Teres is an environmentally friendly product and is a unique system offering unsurpassed finish quality.There are two main products in the Testa Teres range Testa Teres Insulation System 2002 and Testa Teres Rendascore. for further information on each product click on the respective links.

COMPANY PROFILE : Testa Teres  is the brainchild of Jim and Nina Green who are the directors of the holding company established 1976. From humble beginnings the product developed to its current status through their hard work, insight and perseverance. With limited funds they have developed an exciting and unique product. The group both manufacture and apply the Testa Teres products from a custom adapted factory in Lancashire, England and are currently expanding to cope with increased demand. Testa Teres has generated partnerships with many councils and thousands of properties and their owners will benefit as a result.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  The Company is family-run and the Testa Teres team is an extension of that family ethos.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Whether at frontline or on production all members take a pride in their work and rate customer care as foremost.

M.D Jim Green

Nina Green - Marketing Director

But Nina also wears another (surprising) hat!
To discover a new and exciting Nina -
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1.jpg (692 bytes) TESTA TERES AND PARK HOMES: we are specialists in external wall insulation and polymer and fibre reinforced systems for park home structures. We have transformed hundreds of park homes throughout the UK, working in partnership with local council authorities and privately funded initiatives.

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Transformed Park Home: The application of the Testa Teres Insulation System to the property has given the park home structure a solid " brick built" feel and combined with the improvements in  U - Values generated by the application of the product, the system offers customers an attractive and desirable package.


bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Energy saving                 

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Personal service

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Customer satisfaction

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Durability

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TESTA TERES IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR: Testa Teres has been used on numerous large volume contracts throughout the UK. Given the Government's pledge to end fuel poverty by 2010 coupled with European mandates the demand for external wall insulation will ensure a busy and worthwhile future for Testa Teres products.

Testa Teres system 2002 has been applied to thousands of private houses throughout the UK. The Testa Teres product range is, in our opinion, the best rendering product for aesthetic appeal and durability.

3.jpg (693 bytes) TESTA TERES INSULATION SYSTEM  Will benefit all hard to heat homes and on park homes 30% - 50% fuel cost savings are the norm.

TESTA TERES POLYMER RENDER For use on conventional cavity wall buildings where a high quality finish with or without customised artwork is desirable.

TESTA TERES RENDASCORE For use on Internal and external substrates where areas of high art are required.


bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Testa Teres has transformed thousands of properties throughout the UK with our product.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) Testa Teres adds individuality to your home or business with custom artwork and decorative features

Satisfied customer quotes: "The most amazing material I have ever seen" , "fantastic and professional work", "I am really delighted with the whole thing and consider it money well spent", "Dear Testa Teres how is it that your product is so good, it saves me pounds on my heating bills"

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  TESTA TERES - The energy efficient render solution for ageing park homes -TESTA TERES

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