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1.jpg (692 bytes) Manufacture:

The Testa Teres products are manufactured at our custom adapted factory at Fleetwood, Lancs.The products are are produced in a controlled, supervised environment, and are batch coded, bagged and stored here. All materials are weighed by a digital weighing plate to ensure correct  material consistency for the volume mixes. As has been mentioned earlier our products are virtually 100% environmentally friendly as the products largely utilise industrial by-product waste (apart from the small percentage of cementitious and chemical components of the system).


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2.jpg (702 bytes) The Testa Teres products are both manufactured and applied by our custom trained operatives.

This offers the advantage of independence from external supply of material, custom batches can be created to order and allows the company a degree of flexibility and a streamlined mode of operations.

Staff are aware of the product and how it is developed giving them a broad knowledge of the system and it's applications. This benefits both the staff and management - the staff gain product awareness from conception and the management gain from the root level understanding of the employees who are able to quickly diagnose and understand any potential production fault.


From creation to the finished work the product is monitored so as to engender a  tight cycle of operation and consistency.


3.jpg (693 bytes) Expected Developments:

Custom designed training centre for prospective franchisees and novice approved technicians.

Upgrade and streamlining of current plant and machinery to cope with the increased demand the product has generated

Generation of new work units to expand the R&D section of the group as we envisage a product market expansion



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