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Testa Teres is the name of a patented insulation system which is particularly suitable for use on park homes.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes)  It is a  polymer render and thick weather resistant ‘plastering coat’ for external walls.

bullet.jpg (381 bytes) It is applied over insulation boards which are firmly held in place with special fixings.

The final coat has a highly attractive appearance which is further enhanced by the addition of decorative quoins, window bands and plinth, and can be personalised with a choice of artwork.  Logos, (e.g. a flower, animal or bird) house names and numbers produced by our in-house artist can be incorporated in the render coat.

Together the polymer render and insulation boards give a protective, energy-saving outer layer which saves from 30% - 50% on fuel bills whilst enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

Testa Teres     Unlike some thin, paint-like products currently being marketed as ‘insulative’, Testa Teres consists of thermal boards firmly fixed to the walls of the mobile home with special fittings, then a base coat of render is applied followed by a top coat of the chosen colour. Any customised artwork is then embedded in it. The top coat is given a coat of Testa Teres shell dash (pressed flat for safety and attractive appearance) to complete the operation.

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Boarded Home

Testa Teres is an ideal solution to the problem of  refurbishment and upgrading of ageing properties.

Testa Teres has transformed thousands of council properties with the Insulation System

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Testa Teres offers owners and occupiers of park homes substantial  property improvements akin to traditional brick built dwellings

Testa Teres offers owners and occupiers of park homes substantial improvements in fuel costs

The Testa Teres insulation system has been adopted by numerous council bodies to renovate and revitalise structures in need of repair. Given the system's U-Value performance, robust nature and high aesthetic properties the Testa Teres system is the complete solution to property upgrades and renovation.

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