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  Testa Teres has developed into a stable robust product since it's inception and we are optimistic about the products potential.

  Presently Testa Teres is upgrading and modifying its operation systems to better cater for the expected increase in workload (improved computer systems, design and manufacture).

  We are comfortable with our current market share but see the need to expand our operations to ensure a lasting foothold in the market for our products.

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This boat was created using Testa Teres materials!

(and yes it does float!!)

There are many interesting products being developed by the R & D section of the group from boats (as pictured) to lamps, swimming pool surrounds and covers and  specialist signs.

There is also a potential for gardening applications (special Testa Teres aggregate fillers to custom designed Individual artwork pieces).

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Testa Teres Lamps

 There are numerous offshoot applications from the product range with potential markets available and we see a future in developing and nurturing these to fruition.

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Testa Teres Bird House

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